I was never going to Instagram, I couldn’t see the point to it, I felt it had the tendency to be even more superficial than Facebook could be at times. But then I met Chelsea! I was so inspired by her zest for life and passion for making meaningful connections both online and in person. Her commitment to making a difference in the world and her ability to do that through Instagram was a total eye opener. Match that with her wealth of knowledge and common sense approach to using the platform and you have one amazing resource at your fingertips. Thanks Chelsea for expanding my world and inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone and introducing me to the wonderful Instagram community.

The Entrepreneur Arena

Chelsea is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She helped me with my socials, gave me a tonne of useful advice and the tactics and skills she taught me were worth double what she charges. She is so kind and personable and goes beyond what she has promised. I highly recommend her to anyone that is tech illiterate like myself! 


Chelsea is passionate and very knowledgeable about Social Media and Instagram in particular. She hosted a Masterclass on a Work Wanderers retreat which was very insightful and lead to us actually gaining followers within the session. She really knows how to create valuable content and build brands. After listening to her Masterclass, I can't wait to take her course so that I can build up my business's Instagram profile.

CEO Work Wanderers

Chelsea is amazing!! Her passion and knowledge behind social media had helped me in the direction and impact of my business online. She knows the most effective ways to get you the results you want. I have loved working with her and gaining useful tips & strategies on how to take my social impact to the next level!